Keeping kids in Roots stringed instruments ...        
one opportunity at a time.


Festival FAQ’s

  • YES, you will have a fantastic time.

  • YES, we do accept credit cards. 

  • YES, there will be alcohol sold, to ages 21+ patrons only.

  • YES, breakout jams in other areas of the festival premises are encouraged.

  • YES, the Greensprings Highway is curvy. Take your time driving.

  • YES, to get to the Greensprings simply head out Hwy 66 from Ashland and drive 17.5 miles until you see signs.

  • YES, there will be signs designating your arrival and parking locations

  • YES, kids under 14 are FREE 

  • YES, there is a kids section.

  • NO, there is no childcare provided at the kids section.

  • NO, we do not have an ATM.

  • NO, we do not take out of town checks.

  • NO, dogs and other fuzzy pets are not allowed.

  • NO, lodging is not included in ticket price.

  • NO, there is no senior, family, child or student discount.

  • NO, we do not have any remaining volunteer shifts day of festival.

  • NO, we do not allow outside alcoholic beverages.

  • NO, there is no camping directly on festival premises.